AIMPLAS Instituto Tecnologico Del Plastico

Информация о торгах полимерными материалами

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    AIMPLAS Instituto Tecnologico Del Plastico

    C/ Gustave Eiffel, 4, Parque Tecnológico de Valencia

    +34 96 136604-0

    The current economic situation forces enterprises to find short-term solutions. Thus, we intensified our efforts in technical assistance to companies in relation with processes, materials and finished products, providing the solutions to their every-day problems. Do you need assistance in legislation and standards? Do you want to know about the failure causes of your product? The reduction of production costs, the optimization of the design or the assessment of waste material are some of the challenges that companies face every day. We support them in resolving these problems with our experience and know-how. AIMPLAS assumes your technical problem or your technological challenge, as it were our own: legislation and standardization, assistance in the improvement of machine parameters and connected reduction of production costs and production time, expert reports and arbitrations.



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